Salesforce Introduces Einstein as AI That Makes Everything Easier

SFDC Einstien

In Q4 of 2016, Salesforce made its biggest product announcement yet when it unveiled a new artificial intelligence feature called “Einstein.” The name itself shows just how firmly Salesforce believes in their AI technology, using the moniker of the German physicist widely considered to be one of the smartest people who ever lived. The company is touting their Einstein AI as a game-changer that will make every user experience better than the one before.

How Smart Is Einstein Supposed To Be?

Salesforce is going all in on its promotion and support of Einstein. According to a post on the Salesforce blog:


Einstein makes it possible for any company to deliver smarter, faster, and more productive and personalized customer experiences. What is most important to Salesforce Community Cloud customers is that Einstein’s intelligence will automatically discover and surface relevant insights, predict answers to solve questions fast, and proactively make recommendations. It will even automate certain tasks. And you don’t have to do a thing. Einstein puts the best alternative right in front of you.


Salesforce says that Einstein will help customers in the cloud find exactly what they need, when they need it through recommendations, similar to the recommendations Amazon and Netflix make every time a customer logs in to their account.  The company promises that Einstein will learn from a user’s community engagement in order to make proactive recommendations about content, and will help its customers provide a more engaging experience to their own customers, employees, users and partners, stating:


Einstein’s models will be automatically customized for every single customer, and it will learn, self-tune, and get smarter with every interaction and additional piece of data. Most importantly, Einstein’s intelligence will be embedded within the context of business, automatically discovering relevant insights, predicting future behavior, proactively recommending best next actions and even automating tasks


Some of the early features of Einstein are:

  • Content and expert recommendations: Einstein will suggest articles, topics, Q&As, and experts that are related to an individual’s unique interests.
  • Newsfeed insight: Rather than listing newsfeed items from newest to oldest or top-viewed, Einstein will rank it based on relevance. “Top Questions” will pertain to the subjects most important to each user.
  • Service escalation: Einstein promises to understand when a customer needs immediate assistance and will automatically create a Service Cloud case. Community managers can help Einstein better learn how to escalate accurately through their own inputs.


Since its release late last year, Einstein has received mixed reviews, but Apple’s Siri was panned when it was first launched, as well.  The nature of AI is that the machine is always learning and the key to achieving true personalizing does involve time and even a bit of trial and error. Despite its initial reception, Salesforce is standing behind Einstein and is committed to its ultimate success.


“ is taking it to the next level with AI.   What you now get standard with is tough to beat in the market.  Having AI at your fingertips is very powerful!” says Chuck George, CSS Tec Manager.


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