Recipe #5: Neapolitan Ice Cream Cupcakes

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Provided by Liana


  • Candy melts: dark chocolate (brown), vanilla (white), vanilla (pink)
  • Boxed cake mix (whatever type you like – I like chocolate – you will also need the ingredients required on the cake mix box)
  • Neapolitan ice cream
  • Whipped cream
  • Sprinkles


1. Place cupcake liners in the cupcake baking tin. Prepare cake batter as directed on the box. Fill liners just 1/4 of the way with batter. Bake cupcakes until when you stick a toothpick in the cupcake it comes out clean. Set baked cupcakes aside to cool.

2. Place the brown, white, and pink chocolates in individual bowls and melt in the microwave at 15 second intervals. Once you have one color melted, spoon some chocolate into a new cupcake liner. Paint the chocolate onto the cupcake liner. Repeat for as many cupcake liners you would like of that color. Refrigerate the cupcake liners and then paint a second coat of the chocolate. Once you have finished two layers of chocolate, place those liners in a cupcake tin in the refrigerator. You can now move onto the liners of the next color. Repeat until you have finished the liners of all three colors. Toward the end, remove the ice cream from the freezer to thaw (approximately the last 10 minutes).

3. Take the cupcake liners out of the refrigerator. Remove the cupcake liner from the chocolate cupcake liner you’ve made. Remove the baked cupcakes from their liners and place them inside the chocolate liners (you’ll need to push them down to get them snug in the bottom of the chocolate liner). Next, using a spoon, scoop some of the ice cream on top of the cupcake until it is even with the top of the liner. For this part I like to use the same flavor ice cream as the color of the liner (strawberry for pink liners, chocolate for brown liners, and vanilla for white liners). Place your almost-done ice cream cupcakes in the freezer. When you are ready to serve top with whipped cream and sprinkles!