Ready to Take on a Senior Recruiting Role? Follow These Tips for an Awesome Interview!

An organization’s most important asset isn’t found on a balance sheet. It’s the people who come to work each day. A company that makes the best products in the world won’t succeed if they’ve got the wrong people on staff. Senior recruiters are critical to a company’s ability to source, hire and retain the best people and they are often paid quite well for their expertise not only in the legwork of recruiting, but the strategic planning aspects, as well. If you are an HR recruiter ready to step into a senior role, you’ll want to be prepared to wow the people you interview with along the way.

“Senior Recruiters are really Talent Acquisition leaders!  They know how to build solid relationships and clearly understand the business and business partners they are representing.  They know the vision, goals, and challenges.” Says Jill Stewart, Talent Acquisition Thought Leader, at Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

Research, Research, Research

The importance of researching any organization you interview with – even if it’s your current employer – cannot be understated. Successful senior recruiters don’t just think about meeting the needs of today; they actively plan for the long-term. You want to be intimately familiar not only with the culture of the organization (to determine your own fit as well as the fit of future employees), you must also have a feel for where the company is headed in the future. If they are in the process of a merger or acquisition, if they’ve announced plans for new products or expansion into new markets, you will want to be prepared to speak about the impact of those changes on long-term hiring strategies.

Quantify Your Contributions

Successful senior recruiters help an organization manage hiring costs, improve production and efficiency and boost retention. In every interview, showcase those achievements using actual data. Show how your skills and strategies helped your previous employers to realize the ROI of solid recruiting and hiring strategies.

Know What’s Happening In The Industry

Human Resources is always evolving and it is critical for senior recruiters to be well versed in things like current and proposed regulations and laws, the impact of technology on recruiting and hiring, and new trends in the recruiting industry itself.  Showcase the strategies you use to keep your knowledge base fresh and the ways in which you incorporate that knowledge into your work.

Ask Thoughtful Questions

As a recruiter yourself, you understand the importance of a candidate’s own questions in an interview. If you stick to run-of-the-mill questions, you won’t impress. Dig in and find out what the goals are for the position, the challenges currently facing the internal recruiting team, exactly what the executive hiring team is looking for in a senior recruiter, and whether they have any reservations about your own alignment with the position. Good questions not only demonstrate your genuine interest in the job, they also show the hiring team that you are a forward-thinking professional who makes sound decisions based on thorough investigation.

If you are a talented human resources recruiter seeking new opportunities, contact the professional recruiters at Contemporary Staffing Solutions today. We look forward to helping you take the next step in your career. CSS places Human Resource Professional and Talent Acquisition Leaders nationally with headquarters out of Mt Laurel, NJ.

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