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Contemporary Staffing Solutions 2022 Year in Review

While the arrival of the holiday season brings cause for celebrating family, friends, and festivities, it is simultaneously a time to reflect on goals achieved and challenges overcome at CSS in 2022. The CSS team has grown tremendously in a year where many others regressed. CSS expanded its geography and opened markets and territories only theorized about in the past. CSS achieved outstanding recognition and revolutionized its culture to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion among its teams. Take a journey back through 2022 with CSS and celebrate its success in 2022 as it prepares for an even better 2023! 

Who CSS is and Who CSS Serves  

Contemporary Staffing Solutions is a national workforce solutions and project services organization committed to fulfilling an exceptional experience for job seekers and clients. CSS is comprised of CSS Professional Staffing Group, CSS ProSearch, CSS Tec, CSSvSource, and Peergenics representing five distinct business units and focuses.

“CSS promotes a culture that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion, professional development, and focuses on attracting and retaining quality talent. The foundation of the business is built upon providing employees with career growth and personal achievement by embodying the core values of CSS: Integrity, Team Orientation, Coachability, Winning Spirit, and Diversity,” says Tom Verratti, President & CFO, Contemporary Staffing Solutions

2022 Awards and Recognition 

CSS’ internal growth and success attracted the attention of many external entities and won numerous prestigious awards in the process. To start, CSS was named a top workplace by The Inquirer for the fourth consecutive year, a perennial highlight of CSS’ culture. This award recognizes the finest places to work based on employee workplace culture surveys that are facilitated by independent sources for companies headquartered in a particular region. When an internal staffing culture is strong, it permeates through to its external resources – its consultants and partners working for clients. CSS prides itself on the extension of this uncompromising culture and the tremendous experience it provides for its clients. 

ProSearch, CSS’ executive sales and marketing staffing branch was named best sales executive recruitment firm in New Jersey by Corporate Vision Magazine. This esteemed accolade is awarded by a select panel of judges entrenched in the corporate recruitment space and is a deserved honor for a tremendously talented CSS ProSearch recruitment team.    

In CSS’ workforce solutions side of the house, its Salesforce branch, Peergenics, and MSP branch, CSSvSource, earned one Salesforce Ridge Partner certification respectively under the Salesforce Blue Ridge Partner Program and the Salesforce MSP Partner Program. These two merits are given on a point-based scale and consider customer success, growth, innovation, and impact of a partner’s services.  

CSS Continues its National Expansion  

An accelerated growth mindset at CSS in 2022 broadened services and partnerships, but the most striking development shined over its geographic expansion. CSS expanded its services to clients to 43 U.S. states and deployed hundreds of temporary and permanent consultants across many industries and niches, including: Accounting and Finance, Call Center and Office Management, Human Resources, Mortgage, Sales and Marketing, IT, and its Peergenics Salesforce staffing, consulting, and project management practice. CSS now have recruiting, sales, and support teams in 21 U.S. states. While CSS broadened its footprint across the country, it also relocated its corporate office to Moorestown, NJ in November 2022 to further expand its bandwidth and scale. 

Forward Thinking in DE&I 

The CSS community did extensive internal analysis this year on team makeup which led to a hyper-focused emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Ashlei Randolph, CSS director of diversity and culture worked tirelessly with upper management and employees to implement DE&I practices and policies on recruitment and selection, compensation, professional development and training, and promotions and transfers. CSS is building off its successes in DE&I in 2022 to continue a diversified, inclusive workspace for all in 2023 to promote respectful communication, teamwork, employee participation, and contributions to their surrounding community. 

Contemporary Staffing Solutions Unveils New Website 

CSS is thrilled to announce the growth of Contemporary Staffing Solutions’ online presence with the launch of its new flagship site. Contemporary Staffing.com will serve as its new hub for all things CSS. Insights and information connecting all visitors to all 5 business units in a one-stop-shop fashion were launched earlier this year. The modernization of these sites will offer clients and candidates access to educational pieces, job boards, referral portals, DE&I information, enhanced contact methods, and a host of other great tools. This shift to one comprehensive hub with access to all CSS domains will undoubtedly enhance the experience for site visitors.  

Partner with CSS to Maximize Your Talent in 2023  

To begin your 2023 hiring journey, connect with Contemporary Staffing Solutions here, or reach out to one of its five individual business units on their sites at CSS PSG, CSS ProSearch, CSS Tec, CSSvSource, and Peergenics. CSS combines quality, efficiency, meticulousness, and personalization to meet its client’s staffing requirements to the highest standards. Happy holidays from CSS!