The Importance Of Customer Service Skills In An IT Candidate

As with any specialized skill, having information technology knowledge is useless if you don’t also know how to communicate. Every IT job deals with some aspect of customer service, whether you’re involved with customers or not. Here are some customer service skills to look for when you’re hiring your next IT candidate:


An IT worker must interpret problems as they’re communicated to them, often by people who don’t share the same degree of understanding. Someone who uses a program, for example, may have a hard time explaining why they’re having a problem, but it is still up to your IT staff to determine what the problem is. This is why you should look for listening skills when you’re hiring.

Problem solving.

All IT workers are good at troubleshooting, but you want someone who’s good at problem solving, too. What’s the difference? Troubleshooting has a narrower focus. It involves finding the root cause of an issue so it can be addressed. Problem solving is bigger picture. In the realm of customer service, problem solving doesn’t just address technical issues. It takes into account the frustrations of your users and finds ways to make them happier.


Communication is a crucial skill for anyone in the information technology industry. Whether dealing with a customer, a coworker, or a fellow IT team member, an IT worker must know how to translate their knowledge into language that someone else can understand, and with a tone that conveys respect and sincerity.


Sometimes an IT job requires taking care of a lot of problems at once. Because of this, patience is another important customer service skill you should look for when you’re hiring. A great candidate won’t get overwhelmed by being pulled several different directions at once, or if he does, he’ll manage his emotions well enough that he doesn’t take it out on others.

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