New to Office Life? Follow Our Tips to Fit in Quickly!

As a recent college grad, you’ll learn quickly that the office is nothing like the classroom. Adjusting to office life can be a bit of a culture shock for many people, so use these tips to fit in quickly and make it seem like you’ve been navigating office politics for years.

“Avoid being the bull in a china shop! Go in confident, but cautious – take the lead from your boss and other highly respected individuals that have been at the company long term. Bring a high standard to your work ethic and don’t let any unprofessionalism influence you! Says Sharon Tsao, CMO, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

Ask Questions

You can only get away with being “the new person” for so long. In your first few weeks, ask every question that comes to mind, and be sure to write down the answers. Keep a cheat sheet of procedural steps and other necessary information so that you don’t have to ask the same question twice.

Say Thank You

When people do help you, always say thank you. If you forget to say it out loud, drop the colleague a short email of thanks when you get back to your desk. Thanking people for taking time out of their day to assist you is important for building good relationships.

Do Not Gossip

You’ll find out quickly that professional adults can be just as petty as middle school children. It can be tempting to jump into office gossip to make friends, but gossiping does not reflect well on you as a new employee.  Resist the urge to engage and just stay focused on your work.

Be Early Every Day

Be seated at your desk at least ten minutes before your scheduled start time every day. Even if everyone else in the office is a few minutes late, prioritize being on time. People will notice if you are late, and they will talk. Similarly, you don’t want to be the first person running to the door at 5:00.

Keep A “Paper” Trail

Covering your rear end is critical in the early days of a new job. It is wise to always get instructions from your boss and colleagues in writing. If someone gives you verbal instructions, sit down and type them an email recapping your understanding of those instructions and ask for confirmation.

Remember, Your Email Is Not Private

Company email is for company business. Do not complain about your boss, gossip about your coworkers, use your company email to shop online or email your best friend from your company account. Emails sent to and from your company address are company property and they are not private.

Treat Everyone Like The CEO

Treat everyone with respect and decency, no matter what their role is. First and foremost, it’s just bad form to treat people as though they are beneath you. Second, administrative workers know way more than you do, and they can be a critical source of information when you don’t know where to turn.

“I search for the recent college graduate that knows what motivates them, has taken the initiative to be a leader during their years of earning an education, and is self motivated but also knows exactly “what” motivates them! Call me – I will open a door for you!” Says Stephanie Rush, Contemporary Staffing Solutions, Branch Manager, Mount Laurel, NJ.

Are You A Recent Grad Looking For A Job?

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