New Salesforce Innovation Allows Users to Build Apps Like Lightning

What is Lightning Components? It’s a framework that allows users to build apps faster – even users that don’t know how to code. One of the most popular aspects of Salesforce software is how simple it is to customize to your business or users, allowing you to operate more efficiently. Lightning Components takes you to a whole new level of flexibility.


How does Lightning Components Work?

Lightning Components is a user interface that uses modular components to help customers create faster, with less frustration and without a high level of technical ability. Salesforce even uses it internally, most recently to build the Salesforce1 Mobile App, Lightning App Builder, Lightning Community Builder, and Lightning Experience.


What Do You Need To Know To Use it?

Lightning Components relies on common web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, enabling users to leverage their existing knowledge and speeding the time it takes to create and launch new apps within It allows users to build apps without code using Lightning’s drag-and-drop tools, for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


What Does This Mean for Developers?

Users can use simple tools to perform some basic customization themselves, freeing developers to work on more complex and challenging programming. When everyone is able to focus on what they do best, the entire organization benefits.


What Do Jobseekers Need To Know?

Make yourself more marketable by learning new technologies or more efficient methods for using existing technologies. If you’d like to learn how to use Lightning Components, visit the site. If you’re looking for a job that will make the most of your tech talents, contact the recruiting team at CSS Technical.


How Does this Help Business?

Your team can get more done at a lower cost if your developers can concentrate on what they do best. Consider identifying employees who enjoy learning new things and train them in Lightning Components or other simple tech tasks. You’ll keep them talented and engaged and keep your developers focused.


If you want to learn more about sourcing the highly skilled in-demand technical professionals your company needs visit CSS Tec, or see our related blogs. If you are looking to add to your tech team on a full time or project basis, contact the experts at Contemporary Staffing Solutions to get started.