Six Traits of Top Job Candidates

There are so many traits that hiring managers are looking for in job candidates, and it’s impossible to cultivate all of them. But if you focus on developing and highlighting a handful of positive characteristics, you can improve your hireability. Here are six great traits that top job candidates possess:

1. Confidence

An employer is never entirely sure about hiring a candidate, no matter how great the resume or interview skills. Because of this, you want to make sure that you project as much confidence as possible. Having confidence in yourself will make it easier for an employer to take a chance on you.

2. Professionalism

It’s not likely that you’ll ever be hired without a professional demeanor. Dressing appropriately, staying well groomed, and knowing how to behave socially in an office will move you to the top of the hire list.

3. Communication

No matter what your job is, it will involve some level of communication, whether that means following directions that you’re given, dealing with customer questions and feedback, or instructing others on how to accomplish a task efficiently. Showing that you’re a great communicator can boost your chances.

4. Attention to detail

Even if you’re applying for a big-picture job, showing that you know how to pay attention to details is important. Someone who is detail oriented is more likely to catch an embarrassing typo or a costly out-of-place decimal point, and every office needs someone like that.

5. Honesty

It’s difficult to run an office efficiently if people are lying to cover up their mistakes, or if someone is struggling to complete his tasks on time because he exaggerated his skills on his resume. Stay open and honest from the beginning of the hiring process and your future employer will be able to tell.

6. Passion

A hard working candidate has an edge over most other candidates, but a candidate who has passion has the overall edge. Being passionate about a job or a field gives you drive, and it’s drive that will move a company forward.
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