Hiring the Right Candidate to Match the Job Description

If you don’t know how to identify and hire the right candidate for your open job, then you will struggle to fill your available positions. But how do you know who the right person is to hire? You can save yourself some work by trying to discourage unqualified applicants with clear parameters in the job description, but what do you do once the resumes start rolling in? Here are several strategies to help you find — and hire — a candidate who matches your position:

  • Be clear in your job description. The best way to make sure that qualified candidates respond to you is to clearly communicate what you’re looking for in your job description. Think of your hiring goals (such as the short and long-term vision of the position and skills needed in the position) and use that information to craft the job description. Be as specific as possible.
  • Use big questions to eliminate candidates. Most online application systems have a way to disqualify applications based on answers to key questions. Talk to your recruiting partner about what options their application system offers and what qualifying questions may be appropriate. Use this information to prioritize one or two of your biggest requirements, like education, specific skills, or years of work experience.
  • Sort candidates into piles. On your first pass, make a quick decision. Place resumes in one of three piles: No, Maybe, or Yes. Set the No pile aside and focus on the Yes pile. Set the Maybe pile aside—if none of your Yes candidates work out, it’s your Plan B. If you’re working with a recruiter who has already vetted the applicant pool, still follow this methodology as you review the potential candidates the recruiter feels meet the qualifications.
  • Be picky. If you still have too many candidates, it’s time to look for differences in the details. Did someone spell your name incorrectly on a cover letter? Are there grammatical errors in their resume? Did they have polished application materials but in-person not live up to expectations? Pay attention to the details and don’t be afraid to put a candidate aside if they fall short.
  • Run background checks. Interviewing is a requirement, of course, but many companies don’t feel the same way about looking into a candidate’s background. This is the best way to verify employment history while making sure there aren’t any criminal issues or workers’ compensation claims outstanding. Don’t make the mistake of letting this slide!

Don’t want to waste your time screening out the candidates that aren’t the right fit for your company? Contact a recruiting specialist at Contemporary Staffing Solutions and let us take care of your hiring process. We can find you the perfect person for the job!