Counteroffers: How to Evaluate Them and Make a Decision

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, the competition for talent is fierce. So, if you find a better job than your current position, don’t expect your company to let you walk out of the door without a fight. They may make a counteroffer, which can be anything from a bigger salary to better benefits. Here’s how to decide whether to accept or whether to keep walking:

Will money solve your problems?
If you didn’t feel like  you were making enough money at your job and your new position offers you a better salary, problem solved! However, such things aren’t always so simple. You can’t really put a number on feeling valued as an employee, and if you weren’t happy in your current job, if you didn’t feel your work was appreciated, a bigger paycheck most likely isn’t going to fix that.

Will you be resented?
Loyalty is a highly valued trait, and finding a job at another company is likely to create some ill will in your office. If you accept the counteroffer, keep in mind that you won’t be going back to things as usual. There may be resentment and distrust following you around your workplace, whether or not its deserved.

Can you back out?
Have you already accepted the offer with the new company? If so, it may be more damaging to your career to back out of it than to leave your current company for good. Think of it this way: you’ve already upset your current company. Do you want to upset another?

Can you take the leap?
If you have a new offer of employment, it means that you’ve put a great deal of time and effort into a job search. You’ve hunted, you’ve submitted resumes, you’ve taken interviews, and all of that work has paid off. It doesn’t make much sense to stay with your current company after all of that, no matter what the counteroffer is. Don’t be afraid to move on to the next step in your career if you’re ready.

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