How to Make the Most of a Tough Job

Just about everyone has worked at a job they didn’t enjoy. When you’re starting on your career path, you have to pay your dues in entry level positions to advance of the career ladder. Even if you’re further along in your career you may find yourself in a job where you aren’t doing what you’re passionate about or a job with a company you don’t love. But that doesn’t mean you should write a letter of resignation and walk out the door. Often a tough job can become better with a few changes on your part.

Find meaning in your work.

When you find yourself frustrated with your duties, it can help to focus on what you’re accomplishing instead of being negative. If you’re responsible for stuffing envelopes, think about the people who will open them. If you turn on the office coffeepot in the morning, think about everyone who will enjoy and appreciate their morning drink. Find where you fit in the big picture and you may feel differently about your job.

Ask for different responsibilities.

If you have a good relationship with your boss, take your concerns to him. Explain that you’re burned out on a particular project or task or that you feel underutilized and you’d like more responsibility. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get what you ask for, but your boss most likely realizes the value of happy employees and can try to find a solution.

Change your attitude.

Once you start to worry that you’re unhappy in your job, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s easy to hone in on the negative aspects of your job and become fixated on them. Instead, make it a point to notice the good things in your day and be thankful for them. Be positive, don’t wallow, and focus on forward action.

Don’t get stuck.

How do you create forward action? By making plans to make a change. If you’re truly unhappy in your job, you need to find another one that fulfils you. Make a list of the kind of job you’d like to have and start looking for a position that checks those boxes. While you look for a new job, keep working on your career by attending networking events or professional development training. Most importantly, keep doing well at your current job so that you have an excellent reference.

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