National Clean Out Your Computer Day

We love our computers. Living in a world without computers is like living in a world without dogs. Could we physically survive without? I guess. Would we want to? Absolutely not.

Our work computers (specifically) do a lot for us! They allow us to create/share important documents to make our business run smoothly, access the internet for communication and research purposes, and occasionally to send memes to our coworkers.

However, when you’re working on and saving multiple important projects, it can be difficult to keep everything in order—which is the reason for National Clean Out Your Computer Day, the second Monday of February!

If you save all of your files to your Desktop with reckless abandon, these tips might help you to Marie Kondo your Dell (or whichever laptop you use):

  1. Sift through the documents you have saved to your computer: we’re not saying go through all of them but taking inventory will let you know what folders to create.
  2. Create new folders: move all similar documents into properly named folders, making folders within folders as needed.
  3. Delete things you don’t need: get rid of duplicate files, first drafts of finished documents, and random files you don’t even remember downloading.
  4. Use the cloud: it’s always a good idea to back up your documents online, whether it be with Google cloud or a cloud system that your company utilizes. Better safe than sorry!

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