Mid Career Job Searching: How to Effectively Market Yourself and Find a Job

Mid-career job changers are increasing in number as many of us hit a point in our lives and careers where we start to wonder if we are really doing what we love. The things that motivate us change as we age, and what was attractive ten years ago may be totally different to you in this current point in your life.

Changing careers mid-stream may be challenging, but with the right approach, you can increase your chances of landing the job you really want. The key is knowing how to market yourself in the most effective light.

Don’t Negate Your Experience

Many mid-career job seekers make the mistake of wanting to seem younger on their resumes. This typically means changing dates on your job history section or failing to include some past job experience. This will not work in your favor. Age-aversion is not as common as it once was and in many cases, companies appreciate having an employee who has solid years of experience under their belt.

Tailor Your Approach

While you don’t want to negate your past job experiences, that doesn’t mean that you cannot create tailored resumes for the different jobs you are interested in pursuing. Create a main version of your resume that highlights all of your past skills and job history. Then, re-work a few different versions that highlight your different skill-sets that are appropriate for the jobs you want. Just make sure you keep track of your different versions so you don’t end up sending out the wrong one.

Address the Overqualification Issue Head-On

Often, when you’re switching careers mid-stream, you’ll be faced with the problem of being over-qualified for the jobs you may want. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing however, and you shouldn’t shy away from the issue.

Stress important points like the passion you have for the work you want to do and how your experience levels will benefit the company. Hiring managers aren’t necessarily averse to hiring someone who is overqualified, as long as they know they won’t be looking for greener pastures anytime soon. Speak openly with them and share your future goals. This will help put them at ease and they’ll feel more comfortable hiring you.

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