Marketing Tips Every Small Business Needs to Know!

Effective marketing is evolutionary, which means your SMB bust stay ahead of trends in order to connect with your target audience, build relationships and grow revenue. Here are tips for marketing success every small business should know.

“Marketing is not a one time event, its built around a strong value proposition statement, with understanding that results take time.

  • Write and post original ideas, closely monitor the online reputation & have a proactive review program in place. Use compelling images to improve conversations.
  • Use valuable content to advise, educate, build trust, & position yourself as a subject matter expert.
  • Use paid reach strategically to boost ROI and target the exact RIGHT audience. Use social analytics to improve engagement.
  • Use social media to stay top of mind and create a competitive advantage.
  • Use web and social analytics to make better decisions.

Embrace change, learn new things and teach new things. Treat everyone uniquely!” says Sharon Tsao, CMO, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

Focus on Thought Leadership

Blogging is not a “trend,” it is a strategic way to boost your SEO and get your business noticed. However, too many companies focus on quantity of posts, rather than quality. It is important to post pieces that are leveraged for SEO and keyword success, but that content must also be useful, and it should establish your organization as an expert in your industry. If people find you when looking for real advice, they will be much more likely to reach out for your products and services.

Leverage Mobile

Americans spend more time than ever before on mobile devices. If you are not taking advantage of mobile advertising and marketing strategies, you’re missing out on key opportunities to connect with customers and prospects. Not every mobile strategy is equally effective for every SMB, so you will need to dig into your data to determine where your target audience spends its time on mobile, and respond accordingly.

Personalize Your Social Interactions

Social media is a crucial component of any effective SMB marketing strategy, but it is a channel where complacency can kill your efforts. The “rules” for exposure on social media are always changing, so it is important to focus on personalizing your marketing techniques to your unique audience. Consumers are demanding more personalization, and they reward businesses that prove they understand them and want to connect with them according to their needs and preferences.

Video Marketing

Last year, more than 100 million hours of video were watched per day on Facebook. Words are important, but live feeds and videos are the new normal in digital marketing. Whenever possible, engage with your audience through live streams at events or conferences and showcase your products and services through video.

Email Marketing

Lots of SMBs neglect email marketing in favor of social media marketing. However, email marketing is still extremely effective, and it is a great mechanism for connecting with your customers on a personal level. Everyone hates spam, but 91% adults say they like promotional emails from companies they do business with.

To make email marketing work for you, you should focus on personalizing communications, providing relevant offers and sharing links to your best blog content. Don’t email people every day. Communicate regularly without being pushy and commit to adding value to your customers’ inboxes.

Are You Seeking Rockstar Marketing Talent?

It takes talent to stay ahead of marketing trends and position your SMB as a true market leader. If your organization is looking to attract the best and brightest marketers, contact the sales and marketing recruiting experts at CSS ProSeach today.  We can efficiently and effectively match you with talent who will drive your business forward.