Managing Different Personality Types

There are many different models of personality testing that can be used in the workplace. Some of them are complicated, like the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator which divides employees into sixteen different groups. But you don’t need special training to manage some of the most common personality types. Here are three kinds of employees that are probably in your office right now, and some tips about how to deal with them:

Leaders: You probably have at least one of these employees on staff. They’re confident, and interested in moving up the ladder, maybe even to your position. They feel like they could run the office. The best way to deal with leaders? Give them tasks that they can work on by themselves or give them the opportunity to oversee a small team. Their enthusiasm will lead to quality work, and keeping them engaged will mean they’ll feel challenged and be less likely to look for a better job elsewhere.

Followers. These are good employes who are a bit more timid than leaders. There are many different reasons for this. Maybe they’re just shy. Perhaps they’re a new hire, and they’re not quite comfortable with the job yet. The best way to encourage a follower is to give them a small task that they can do well to build their confidence. By helping them build success, you also build their trust in you.

Stragglers. These are the employees that, for whatever reason, seem to be underachieving. If an employee isn’t getting things done, you need to step in and manage them more closely. See if you can determine where the problem is. Are they not motivated because they don’t like their job? Are they having a difficult time outside of the office? Sit down with them and start a dialogue. Make sure they know they aren’t performing well, and offer solutions such as additional training or maybe a special project more suited to their interests. Give them a chance to improve, but also make sure they understand that there will be consequences if they don’t.

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