Open Job But No Candidates to be Found? Here are a few reasons why.

You’ve carefully crafted a job posting, put it up online, and now no one is applying. What did you do wrong? Here are some ways you can troubleshoot your job post and attract more candidates:

Your job posting is too vague.

Too often, when advertising a job, an employer would rather make a list of skills they’re looking for than describe the duties that the job entails. You have to communicate your needs effectively, or a qualified candidate is likely to skip over your posting. Describe everyday tasks like, “troubleshoot written code” and avoid meaningless requests like “self-starter who’s great at multitasking.”

You’re making it too hard to apply.

If you have an online job application that requires candidates to fill in their job details over and over, in many different fields, you’re likely to drive away a certain number of candidates. Simplify the process by allowing candidates to upload their resumes, and save web forms for more straightforward things like age verification and checking work authorization.

You’re not promoting your company.

Many job postings have little to say about the company, which is a missed opportunity. Make sure that after you describe the job requirements you use a few lines to describe your company’s mission statement, and mention why it’s a great place to work. This may pique someone’s interest, and encourage them to apply.

You’re not looking in the right place.

Everyone knows there are more than a few job boards online, but did you know that certain kinds of workers tend to flock to certain job boards? Technical jobs are often popular on Craigslist, and management positions do well on LinkedIn. Make sure you do your research and post your job opening where it will be seen by the most people.

You’re not utilizing a staffing partner.

Between the nuances of writing a job posting, to the abundance of job boards online, finding qualified candidates is a challenge. To help reduce your hiring costs and time, consider partnering with a leading staffing firm. These recruiting specialists have years of experience in sourcing candidates so they understand how to attract top candidates and where to find them.

If you’re struggling to find someone to hire, contact a staffing specialist at Contemporary Staffing today. We can help you tap into our pool of qualified applicants, and take the frustration of hiring off your plate.