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Syspro Database Manager #104185

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Posted: Wed, 27 May 2020 12:51:49 -0400

Location: Exton

Industry: IT

Job Type: Temp/Contract

Skill Set: Mid-Senior level (4-10 yrs)

Pay/Rate: 1.00/HOUR


Contract Role in Exton, PA
Potential to convert to full time.


Our growing client has a need for a SYSPRO SME. They have the ERP and need someone to get them up and running with all it's functionalities.  This is an immediate need. 



  • To manage and implement annual upgrades of database systems in the organization, creating testing plans which ensure through testing of all parts of the system, including custom reports, prior to ‘go live’. To liaise with our external Syspro support provider to coordinate upgrades in a timely and efficient manner.
  • To proactively support and develop the Syspro database to ensure that the companies obtain maximum benefit from the software by liaising with key stakeholders across all teams that utilize the software. To create and maintain an internal Syspro roadmap for software upgrades, development, and module implementation.
  • To maintain, develop, and create reports, and to develop training in order to give users appropriate on-demand access to data.
  • To provide data analysis to all department heads and executive leadership to support all identified and on-demand business objectives.
  • To do on-demand queries of the database as required in order to fulfill one-off information requests.


Departmental Support & Training

  • To work with all department heads on effective database usage to meet individual and collective Key Performance Indicators.
  • To work with the General Manager and executive leadership to identify new data systems and digital processes across the organization in order to maximize efficiency and avoid duplication of data, including auditing the use and management of shared intranet drives.
  • To work with key stakeholders across the companies to ensure their business requirements are understood and met in any new procedures that are adopted.
  • To create user documentation and develop and deliver user training for all data systems and provide high-level technical support to all users.


Policies & Compliance

  • To ensure the companies are adhering to data protection laws, regulations, and safeguarding requirements in relation to their use and storage of data.
  • To be the gatekeeper of any personal data that is shared by or with a 3rd party by performing data exports and imports as and when they are required.
  • To ensure the companies are reasonably safe from outside attacks to central and supporting servers by conducting regular tests of the systems to expose vulnerabilities.
  • To conduct security training as required by identified vulnerabilities or as required through compliance to internal and external policies.
  • Help and create a data strategy for the companies and develop processes and procedures in order to implement the strategy, including updating and maintaining the data policy.
  • To annually review renewal of the company’s Cyber Insurance policy and ensure best-practice compliance is in place to control premiums and reduce future cyber risk.



  • To provide support to all departments in relation to internal IT requirements, by keeping abreast of users’ needs and outstanding issues.
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures for general user setup and removal routines.
  • To stay abreast of the latest trends and share best practices through online engagement, hosted meetings, and networking with peer and professional groups.
  • Responsible for the day to day operations and integrity of all Data Systems.
  • To keep all desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, phones, and servers efficiently running on current Operating Systems, within the requirements of operational software versions.
  • To ensure the overall digital network is secure and adequately configured to provide necessary bandwidth to all authorized connected devices.
  • Manage all Data Systems projects including
    • SQL server upgrades
    • ERP System upgrades
    • Bar coding of products and parts
    • Bar coding for inventory management
    • Labor tracking and reporting
    • Microsoft Office suite upgrades
    • Virus Protection upgrades
    • Server hardware upgrades
  • To provide guidance and supervision to all IT personnel and subcontractors to ensure compliance of the overall IT Policy
  • To prepare an annual Data Systems capital and operating budget within the requirements of short, mid, and long-term plans of the companies.