How to Go From “Employee” to “Leader”

Most ambitious people aspire to be in a leadership role at some future point in their career. But how do you make the journey from an employee to a leader? It won’t happen all at once, but if you keep goal in mind, being a leader at the office is something you can work towards. Here are some steps to help you start:

Build your confidence.

It’s possible you don’t feel ready to lead anyone yet, and that’s okay. Leadership isn’t a trait that you’re born with, it’s a skill that you can build. Start by focusing on performing your own job to the best of your abilities. Use your free time after work to strengthen your resume by learning an additional skill, or volunteering in an organization where you can practice leading others. When you’re the best employee you can be, and you’ve had a little practice leading, you’ll feel like you have more to offer at your company.

Define yourself with a project.

If you think for a moment, you can probably identify a task in the office that no one wants to take responsibility for, whether that’s something as small as making sure the coffee pot is full or something as big as creating a unified calendar from multiple schedules. You may even be able to think of a project that you could do to make life simpler for your coworkers. These are leadership opportunities, and responding to them can get you noticed in the office as a potential leader.

Think of leading as serving.

At it’s core, leadership is about helping. You’re helping the people you’re leading by driving them to do better, and this helps the company because it means everyone is doing better work. Channel this helpful energy by making yourself available to your coworkers. Join a committee or pitch in the next time extra hands are needed. This makes you visible in the office and shows that you’re a team player, which is an important trait in any leader.

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