Job perks you didn’t know you needed —from companies hiring RIGHT NOW!

You put in so much effort, time, and dedication into your work…wouldn’t it be nice if you were rewarded for it? These great perks are currently being offered by companies hiring now, and they make sure to make their employees happy with more than just the basic necessities.

  1. Tuition Assistance

Unfortunately, higher education becomes more and more expensive while more and more employers want candidates with degrees. By working with our client, however, you’ll be able to work and go to school—with FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE from our client company!

They are currently hiring for a HR Consultant in Hammonton, NJ.


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  1. A cool desk—that’s good for you!

Our client company knows that sitting all day isn’t great for your body, so they came up with a solution to remedy this!

They offer electronic sit/stand desks and ergonomic chairs that provide you with comfort, support, and the much-needed ability to move around!

They are currently hiring for a Customer Service Representative in Wilmington, DE.


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  1. Healthy fitness options

It’s important to stay healthy, but it’s also important to not waste your money on that gym you never go to. By working with our client company though, you will have on-site fitness options, which means no need to go elsewhere! They offer an on-site gym as well as nature fitness trails!

They are currently hiring for a PMO Project Manager in Newark, DE.


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