Job Interview Best Practices for Following Up Via Email

If you’ve prepared for your job interview, you know that you should always follow up with a thank you note. Not only is it polite, but it helps you differentiate yourself from other candidates who may not be as thorough. Traditionally, a thank you note is written on a card and put in the mail, but that’s quickly becoming old fashioned. Not only is email more immediate, but many managers have stated a preference for it when it comes to interviewees following up. Here’s the best way to follow up after your interview via email:

1. Get a sense of the hiring timeline.

Before you leave the interview, get a sense of how much longer the hiring process will take. Because sending an email is so instant, you want to give careful thought to your timing. A message sent an hour after your interview could seem desperate. On the other hand, if you send a message a week later, the interviewer may have forgotten you. That’s why it’s good to know the next step before you hit the send button.

2. Start by saying thank you.

An interview is an opportunity for employment, but it’s also a chance to practice your interviewing skills, sharpen your resume, and build your network. That’s why you should always start your email with a thank you. Make sure you’re brief but sincere. You don’t want to gush for several paragraphs, but you do want your interviewer to understand that you’re genuinely grateful for their time and consideration.

3. Emphasize your interest in the job.

Now that you have your interviewer’s attention, use your next paragraph to remind him of the reasons that you’re a great fit for the job. Just as you did in your interview, focus on one or two key duties in the job description and mention something from your work history or background that makes you a great choice for the job. As with your thank you paragraph, be as brief as you can while still getting your message across.

4. Tie up any loose ends.

Your final paragraph is a good place to take care of any lingering issues or questions. You could ask a question you forgot to ask during your interview, or mention an email attachment you were asked to include. Think of it as your last chance to deliver relevant information about yourself.  To close this final paragraph, ask your interviewer if he needs additional information and briefly offer your thanks one more time.

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