How to Hire a Strong Tech Team

Your tech department is the backbone of your company, so it can be intimidating to start the process of building your company’s team. If you already have a team in place, it can be even more intimidating to hire people to join it. But if you put some time and thought into the hiring process it can be a lot easier than you think.

Hire strategically.

While you may feel safer with a big team, you can get more accomplished with a few brilliant people than you can with a pool of average employees. This means you can be incredibly selective in your hiring process. While it’s true that you will have to write bigger paychecks for bigger talents, you’ll also have to pay fewer people, so it will even out. It’s a good investment of your time and your company’s money to hire the best employees you can find.

Think about relationships.

Talent is important, of course, but not to the exclusion of personality. If you’re looking at a candidate with an unpleasant attitude, don’t be afraid to pass. There are plenty of talented people in the hiring pool. Once you find them, start thinking about what a coherent team might look like. Try to hire people your co-workers or employees will enjoy spending time with in the office, and maybe even outside of it. Try to give your current employes input in the hiring process, within reason, of course.

Be a good place to work.

It’s a competitive market, so if you want to hold on to that great tech team you’re building, make sure you have a supportive office environment. Being a good workplace means nurturing talent. It means making employees feel welcome, treating employees equally, and being open to creativity and new ideas–even if they fall flat.

If you have a big upcoming project, you can always consider temporary help. Whether you want someone short term or you’d like to hire someone full time but want to try them out first, get in contact with a staffing specialist at Contemporary Staffing Solutions today. We can find the next addition to your tech team!