When Should You Hold Out for a Better IT Job Candidate?

In today’s digital age, your IT department plays an integral part in the day-to-day running of your business. Because of this, you should take extra care when making hiring decisions for information technology positions. But how do you know when you should hire a candidate that you’re not quite sure about, and how do you know when to pass and wait for the next resume? Here are some things to consider.

Evaluate your needs.

First, assess the overall needs and goals that you have as a company. Is there a big new project coming up? Are you trying to launch a new product or expand your company with new offices? If there’s a pressing need, it may be easier to hire a “good” candidate and invest the time to train them. This way instead of waiting around for the “perfect” candidate to apply, you’re able to get started on projects and work with your new hire to train them. If there’s not a pressing need, don’t be afraid to pass on someone you’re not sure of.

Look at the market.

How many IT job applicants are in your area? Is there a lack of skilled workers? Have you had a hard time staffing information technology positions in the past? If there really aren’t that many candidates to choose from, again, consider hiring them as they are and training them to be better. If the market is more competitive, it’s probably safe to roll the dice and wait for a more experienced, more suitable candidate. Rely upon your IT recruiter as they will be able to share valuable knowledge on the job market and level of candidates for your area.

Look at the candidate.

With your company needs and the current job market in mind, take another look at your candidate. This new information should help you make a better decision. Take a look at their past performance and ask yourself if you think they’re up to the job. If you don’t think they are, do not be afraid to not hire them. The impact of a bad hire can be costly and force you to go through the hiring process again.

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