What Soft Skills Do Employers Look for in Candidates?

If you’ve prepared a resume, you probably know exactly what your technical skills are. Technical skills are easy to define, from how many words a minute someone can type to how many sales they’ve made in a year. But do you know about your soft skills? Soft skills have to do with emotional and social intelligence and are more difficult to pick up. While you won’t list your soft skills on your resume, they’re likely to come up in your interview. Here are some highly desired soft skills for you to collect and improve:

  • Professionalism. There is an unwritten list of rules in most offices, and you should be able to navigate them. If you dress appropriately and if you’re always polite and on time, you’re already one step ahead of many other candidates.
  • Communication. No matter what job you apply for, good communication skills are essential. You must be able to explain your thought process clearly, whether that’s in writing, out loud, or both.
  • Time management. In most jobs, you won’t have a boss constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure that work gets done. You’re given a deadline, and completing your work on time is your responsibility.
  • Problem solving. Every office will run into problems. Keeping a level head and using creativity to find a way around or through the issue will make you a great asset to your employer.
  • Attitude. This particular soft skill is hard to define, but in general, try to be someone that others would like to have around. Be positive, be enthusiastic, and above all, be self-confident.
  • Decision making. Many people struggle with choosing. Sometimes a delay in making a choice can cause more problems than making a bad choice. It’s a great skill to be able to make a smart choice and move forward.
  • Conflict resolution. Workplace conflict is inevitable. What makes a great employee is someone who can work through tension and make sure that everyone is not only happy, but working efficiently.

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