You’re Landing Interviews But You’re Not Getting The Jobs. What Should You Change?

When you’re in the middle of a job search, landing an interview is a victory. If you don’t get a job offer after an interview, you persist until you get another. But what happens when you’ve been on several interviews and you’re still unemployed? It may be time to make an honest assessment of yourself and your strategies. Here are some things to think about:

  • Are you selling yourself? Employers make hiring decisions based on their needs. If you don’t explain how your skills can help them meet those needs, you aren’t likely to be hired. Think of your skill set as a product, then figure out how to market yourself to your employer.
  • Are you being proactive? If you have issues in your work history such as a gap of unemployment or a recent firing, make sure that you’re addressing those issues in your interview in a positive way. Don’t let your interviewer assume the worst.
  • Have you spoken with your references? Never use someone as a reference without speaking with them first. Even if you have a great relationship, they may need their memory jogged or may need some time to reflect on what they’re going to say.
  • Have you been practicing? Going on an interview is the best practice, but it’s not the only way to prepare. The Internet is full of resources to help you find practice questions, strategies for answering them, and lots more tips.
  • Are you being positive? A long job search can drain even the most promising candidates. Don’t give in to the temptation of negativity. If you’re unhappy or worse, desperate, an interviewer can sense that. Try to project a sense of happiness and ease.
  • Are you chatty? Interviews aren’t always just business. Depending on the company culture, it can be a good idea to draw your interviewer into a more informal conversation. Consider showing some interest in them by asking how they got involved with the company or what their duties entail.

Finally, have you asked for help? If you’ve exhausted all of your resources, it may be time to get professional help. At Contemporary Staffing Solutions, we have a team of staffing specialists who are experts in hiring and recruiting. We’d love to improve your interviewing skills, so get in touch with us today.