Is Your Technology Driving Business Growth?


Credit: Jason Doiy | iStock

The era in which technology was merely a utility function of business is long gone. Today, technology is a driver of business goals. It can also be a driver of business growth. However, the wrong technology can actually stymie growth. The tools you choose for your expanding organization are critical to success. Salesforce recommends that growing businesses consider embracing technology with some very specific characteristics that facilitate expansion. 

Effective And Efficient Automation

Manual tasks take up a lot of time. The less time you and your team spend engaging in manual calculating, report creation, email composition, approvals etc.; the more time everyone has to spend on mission-critical tasks that help the business achieve its goals.

Integrated Technology Solutions

Automation means nothing if your databases and software cannot “talk” to each other.  If, for example, you can’t pull sales data into your report system, what good is either tool? If accounting’s tools can’t talk to the sales team’s tools, someone has to re-enter all of the data in order to bridge the gap. Today, systems must be able to integrate seamlessly to share data accurately and in real-time.

Tools That Grow With You

There are tools that are best for small businesses and those tools can become obsolete once an organization hits a certain size. Outgrowing your tools too quickly can be a recipe for disaster. When those tools are no longer effective, you must spend time seeking out something new as your team tries to make do with what they have. Scalable tools are essential for any business with plans to grow. That means paying for what you need today, with the option of adding on as your business expands. 

Artificial Intelligence

No, the robots aren’t coming for you, but artificial intelligence has arrived, and it is important for businesses that want to grow. Tools that can “think” for you by acting as a virtual assistant, pulling the data you need before you ask for it, reminding you to make phone calls or generate reports without asking and alerting the service team to a potentially unhappy customer can make life easier and more efficient for you and your team.

Of course, Salesforce is able to handle all of these tasks, and much more, for growing companies. If you are seeking highly-skilled Salesforce developers for your tech team, contact the recruiting experts at CSS today. We can help you connect with the top developers in the market who will help your organization and its employees get the most from the Salesforce platform.