Human Resources Job Trends

Contemporary Staffing Solutions (CSS) is a national staffing firm specializing in placing candidates in Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, Salesforce, Call Center, and Office positions.

CSS has uncovered general trends in Human Resources roles. In the current job market, there are more jobs than people looking for jobs, and thus compensation expectations are higher. Many companies are looking for a great internal recruiter and we have noticed that the number of Corporate Trainers and Employee Relations positions are on the rise too—and paying well!

“HR Roles are currently in high demand. Good employers are focusing on the people today more than ever before,” says Sharon Tsao, CMO of Contemporary Staffing Solutions. 

“Employers need to provide the right experience to their employees, which can be achieved with a solid job description and one that focuses on engagement during their first year of employment. This coupled with a culture that walks its talk can be a winning formula for accelerated growth,” says Steve Scovner, Senior Account Manager at Contemporary Staffing Solutions. 

Comparing data from 2 years ago to more recent data, CSS has noticed an increase in pay, on average, for Human Resources positions. The Human Resources niche includes a large array of different roles. These include Trainers, Recruiters, HR Assistants, HR Generalists, and HR Managers, among others.

While each position offers different pay depending on location, experience, and other similar factors, CSS has noted that the average pay for office positions has increased, likely due to changes in the market and a higher cost of living.

According to data compiled from Indeed, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn, the data below is the current average pay range for these Human Resources positions in the Philadelphia area:

  • Trainer: $49,325 – $63,000/year
  • Recruiter: $55,745 – $65,000/year
  • HR Assistant: $37,045 – $54,017/year
  • HR Generalist: $53,505 – $70,000/year
  • HR Manager: $57,553 – $78,000/year

Human Resources is the type of niche often that involves years of experience for positions. However, there are many entry-level roles to get your foot in the door! Applying to be a Recruiter/HR Coordinator, Junior Recruiter, or HR Assistant is a great way to start a fulfilling career in HR.

Looking to find your next job in Human Resources? Check out our job board for all our open positions or contact a local recruiter to help you in your job search! Human Resources is in our heart and soul as recruiters. Whatever your HR passion you’re just a click away from starting your career!

Employers, looking to find skilled candidates for Human Resources positions? Reach out to your local office to discuss partnering with CSS! Our most place-able candidates offer three to ten years of experience and are actively working, available for contract, or hired directly. We also pipeline the strongest recent college graduates who are targeting Human Resources with a proven track record of relevant internships.