How Your Business Can Become a Thought Leader on Social Media

social mediaSocial media marketing is an essential piece of any digital branding and marketing strategy. The ROI on social media can be quite high, but only if you take the right approach.  You must develop a strong strategy and you must devote the resources to that initiative in order to make it a reality. Becoming a thought leader isn’t as easy as it may seem. There is a lot of noise to cut through on social platforms and with ever-shifting timeline displays and rules about promoted content, it’s gotten much harder to get your posts circulating. Here are some strategies you can take to turn your company into a thought leader on social media.


Abandon Automation

Technically, you don’t want to abandon automation entirely, because it saves time and money. However, a human being should log into social accounts every single day in order to create true, human interaction with customers and other influencers.  Remember, social media is supposed to be “social.” Make sure to reply to direct messages and inquiries and make sure your company follows important people and brands.


Share Other People’s Content

Again, social media isn’t just about your products and services. Sharing other people’s useful, informative and entertaining content is a good way to build your credibility. Nobody wants to be friends with someone who only talks about themselves. If you are only pushing out your own content or if you are only promoting your own products, you will alienate your audience.


Know The Audience And The Platform

The audience you speak to on Facebook is markedly different from the audience you have on Instagram. Don’t push the exact same messaging out on each platform. Tailor your content to the people who are most likely to consume it.


Be Useful

What types of questions do customers routinely ask on social media?  What sorts of problems do your products and services solve? Craft your social content and posts around these types of information, as your audience will deem it more valuable than just a photo of your latest widget. Remember to bring people new ideas and information, and package it ways they can actually use.


Be Selective

You do not have to have a company page on every social network. It makes little sense, for example, to spend your time and resources creating videos for Snapchat if you do not sell products or services aimed at Millennials.  You don’t want to preach to an empty room.


Be Genuine

It is imperative to be genuine on social media. If you try to convey values or personality characteristics that do not align with your brand, customers will see right through it.  Make sure the tone and voice of everything you post adheres to the standards you’ve set for your company.


Social media platforms constantly evolving, as are the audiences who use them.  In order to stay on the cutting edge of social media marketing trends, you need to know where to find marketing talent who can help you develop your company as a thought leader. If your organization is looking to attract the best and brightest marketers, contact the sales and marketing recruiting experts at CSS ProSeach today to learn more about connecting with the professionals who will drive your business forward.