How Will Your Business Benefit From IT Automation?

When you hear the word “automation,” what comes to mind? You likely think of concepts like increased productivity, greater efficiency and lower costs. You probably automate several processes at your company, but have you considered the benefits of automating information technology? When implemented strategically, IT automation can help businesses eliminate time-consuming manual and repetitive tasks that strain productivity and put the focus back on processes that add value and drive innovation.


What is IT Automation, Anyway?

IT automation covers a broad spectrum, but simply put, it is defined as, “the linking of disparate systems and software in such a way that they become self-acting or self-regulating.” It can be simple, such as automatic conversion of online forms to PDF files. Or it can be complex, like automating the provisioning of offsite recovery systems.

it automation

It should be noted that IT automation does have limitations. Systems are vulnerable to errors, and they do not “learn” over time the way an intelligent system does. Think of your email spam filter. This is an automated function, but spam often finds a way to your inbox. Even with limitations, automated systems can save a company a significant amount of money over the long term.


Systems Worth Automating

Every business must evaluate for itself which areas of IT operations would benefit from automation. Some areas worth considering include:

  • DevOps: Want to create a more agile development lifecycle? Enter automation. Automation can streamline processes, incorporate feedback loops and facilitate collaboration between operations and development. This reduces customer and end-user wait time for tools and updates.
  • Security: Proactivity is the key to information security, but when an incident occurs, recovery speed matters. Automated incident response strategies can collect and compile data, identify threats and instantly quarantine infected areas of a system. Automation cannot replace the human element of information security, but I can speed up response time if and when a breach occurs.
  • Database management: Data entry is one of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks of any organization. Manual data entry is also extremely vulnerable to error, and those errors are often difficult to correct. Automated tools can pull and aggregate data instantly, and format it for the needs of user in real-time.
  • Customer-facing applications: Companies can improve customer service by offering highly efficient, easy-to-use self-service options directly from the firm’s website or mobile app.

IT automation is necessary for any business that wants to move their tech team away from utility functions to focus on processes that drive goals. With the right automation in place, an IT department can become a true asset to the company.


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