How Will Your Business Be Impacted By The Salesforce-Tableau Acquisition?

The recent $15.7 billion acquisition of Tableau by Salesforce made big news this summer. The acquisition pushes Salesforce further along in its strategic goals of offering 360-degree customer views and becoming a de facto tech stack for enterprises. But what does the acquisition mean for Salesforce and Tableau customers and how will businesses be impacted by this major change?

“CSS is committed to the Salesforce platform and has been thrilled with Tableau for quite some time! Looking forward to an amazing future with this partnership.” Says Liana Trigg, Account Manager

The Impact on Tableau Customers

Having the power of a company like Salesforce behind Tableau can be great for its long-term capabilities but there are some questions about how users will be impacted in the near future. Some speculate that innovation at Tableau will be slowed as the company shifts focus to Salesforce integration, and there are questions about whether all users will be pushed into the cloud. For the time being, existing customers won’t see a change, but new customers will be funneled into Tableau’s cloud option.

Customers have also been assured that service will not suffer as the companies begin to merge. Tableau users will still have access to the same level of customer service they have grown accustomed to over the years. In fact, service capabilities will expand over time.

The Impact On Salesforce Users

Salesforce is a robust product with high integration potential which has helped it catapult to the top of the market but the real power of Salesforce is its data. Yet the self-serve business user has always experienced challenges when it comes to the lighting interface reports and even many of Salesforce’s dashboards.

The acquisition of Tableau will change that. Now, users have a best-in-class BI and analytics solution that is “self-serve ready” for the average user. They will have access to Tableau features like “Ask Data” which allows users to type in a simple sentence and generate data visualizations. The acquisition will not only provide a more robust offering, but it will be much more accessible for the average end user.

Are You Ready To Leverage The New Salesforce?

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