How to Utilize Your Staffing Company: Best Practices for Working With Your Staffing Firm

Working with a staffing company is designed to make your life work easier, but in the initial stages, it can be a little chaotic. By taking a little time to get prepared and get ready to integrate will make the transition process much easier and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

The first step is ensuring that the communication between yourself and the firm are at the highest level possible. If you start from the first that everyone understands their duties and that you have an open line of contact with their main supervisor, this will cut down on any confusion that may occur during the initial stages as well as throughout the project.

Next, you’ll need to clearly define the roles you want the staffing firm to play within your organization. If everyone knows from the get-go what is expected, this will keep everyone on task and performing at the levels you expect. One of the main reasons that staffing firms run into issues is due to a lack of clear information and expectations and taking the time to delineate the expected tasks will solve this problem.

It is also important to discuss the issue with your current staff so that they understand fully that the incoming staffing firm is not replacing them. In some cases, staffing firm employees are treated poorly by the regular staff due to tension. By explaining to your staff that this is a temporary measure, made to ensure that your company meets a specific deadline or need, you can assuage their potential fears and ensure that everyone is treated properly.

Staging on on-boarding day is also an important step in managing your project with a staffing firm. This gives everyone time to familiarize themselves with your unique systems and can also be used to help set up expectations and get to know everyone better. Simply by taking one day to focus on this, rather than throwing everyone into the midst of a project will make the transition smoother and set up a clear line of communication for everyone involved.

Working with a staffing firm is a great solution, particularly if you are on a short deadline and need to accomplish a project quickly. Simply taking a few steps in the beginning of the process will help you meet those goals and keep everyone happy.

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