How to Thrive Amid the HR Tech Takeover

Notoriously tech savvy, millennials became the largest generation in the workforce back in 2015, according to the Pew Research Center. A shift years in the making, HR departments have been catering to the increasingly tech-reliant demographic throughout the past decade. Manual HR processes have long been traded in for high tech software and social media.

“Building a relationship can never be replaced by technology; but the speed and engagement can certainly be enhanced by innovative tools!  Automating qualifying questions, personalizing an “auto” response, and connecting on the phone with the right potential candidates will increase success!” says Alyssa Cenekofsky, Branch Manager, Contemporary Staffing.

Are you having a hard time keeping up with constantly changing HR technologies? If so, you’re not alone. Create the Perfect Mix of Tech and HR:

·         Don’t Rely Solely on Your ATS

Your applicant tracking system has changed your hiring process for the better, but it’s not infallible. The average ATS rejects 75 percent of resumes, so it seems very likely some outstanding candidates are falling through the cracks. Avoid this by asking applicants to complete an extra step, such as including a few supplemental questions and asking candidates to email their responses to you. This extra step will show you who can follow directions and ensure you don’t accidently miss the perfect candidate. 

·         Make it Personal

The digital age makes it easy to automate most HR processes, but be careful this doesn’t make your company appear robotic. Find the perfect mix of personalized and automated content to make your job manageable, while providing candidates with a warm and welcoming experience. For example, personalize automated templates used to thank candidates for applying with contact information, the next steps in the process, and a timeline for filling the position.

“It is easy to take that extra step to find information from LinkedIn or other tools about the person you are reaching out to as well – wish them a happy birthday if their birthday just passed or acknowledge the college that they went to in addition to your formatted message template,” says Cenekofsky. 

·         Get Social

Many HR teams use social media almost exclusively to post job descriptions, but these one-sided conversations fail to engage candidates. Instead of posting en masse, conduct research to find both passive and active job seekers who would be a great fit for your company and reach out to them exclusively. From a candidate’s prospective, it’s much more meaningful to be personally contacted by a company’s HR team, than to come across the job posting on Facebook. Using this approach, you will be able to find higher quality candidates and spend less time weeding through a sea of resumes from unqualified contenders.

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