How to Survive When Your Customers are on Vacation … Or Just in Vacation Mode

Every industry has its own, unique busy seasons and slow seasons. But whether you sell enterprise software or industrial cleaning supplies, sales teams know that during the summer months and the traditional winter holiday season, customers and prospects tend to check out, leaving the phone lines quiet and inboxes empty.


Sales managers typically adjust goals to account for these inevitable downshifts, but you don’t want your sales teams checking out, either. Here are some ways managers can keep sales flowing, even when customers are in vacation mode.


Focus On Demos

Instead of focusing on closing ratios during the slow season, shift the focus towards product and service demos. Hold contests and offer rewards for the individuals or teams who complete the most demos in a month. Making the demonstration itself the goal, reps will stay motivated if they aren’t raking in the big bucks. Inevitably, the more demos the group completes, the more orders you’re likely to see in the following months.


Up Your Contest Rewards

It can be difficult to keep reps motivated during down times, but holding a contest will inspire them to find a way to get it done. The structure of the contest matters less than the reward when customers are difficult to reach. Pool company resources to develop an irresistible prize and use that as the carrot that keeps the team thinking creatively about how to bring in new contracts.


Have A One-Day Sale

Retailers use Black Friday deals and other doorbusters throughout the year to get people into the store. Customers come for the deal but spend even more once they are there. Any business that sells a product or service can use this same philosophy, even in the B2B market.  Announce a one-day sale in which rates are significantly reduced on a specific item, product, or service line for that day and that day only. Reps will be motivated to work with new prospects to line them up for the sale, and existing customers will have a reason to keep in touch leading up to the date.


Use The Time To Train

When cobwebs are growing on the sales team’s telephones, it’s a great time to focus on training and development. Reps won’t feel as if they are being “pulled away” from revenue-producing activities for a training, and they will likely be more focused and engaged. Consider holding the training off-site for a change of pace and scenery.


Even during slow months, the best sales reps find a way to get it done and hit their numbers. If you are looking for new ways to attract and retain top salespeople, the expert recruiters at CSS can help. Contact us today to learn more about the ways in which we can help grow, build and expand your team to keep revenue flowing all 12 months of the year.