How To Show An Interviewer That Your Job-Hopping Is A Good Thing

There are two sides to a job-hopping story. Employers can view it as a negative. They may question your reliability, loyalty or even your qualifications. However, there are many legitimate reasons for job-hopping like layoffs, cultural misalignment or poor management.


Most hiring managers simply do not have the time to learn who you really are as an employee or the reasons why you’ve held a number of positions in a short period of time. Therefore, you must be proactive if you want to quash misconceptions about your work history. Here are some strategies for overcoming the stigma of job-hopping.


Highlight Your Diverse Skills

You likely acquired new skills with every position you have held. Rework your resume so that your most relevant skills are listed first. Automated scanning software – and humans – tend to focus the bulk of their attention on page one of your resume, and placing your skills front and center can divert away from the fact that you’ve held a number of jobs.


job hopping


In the interview, make sure to frame your answers in terms of those skills, as well. Take care to match the skills the employer is looking for with the most relevant skills in your personal toolbox.


Showcase Your Most Valuable Contributions

If you’ve job-hopped in the same industry, you’ve seen how different companies operate and how they tackle problems. Use this to your advantage in your cover letter and throughout the course of the interview. If, for example, you are a marketer who has worked for a large corporation, a startup, a non-profit and an ad agency, you’ve been exposed to a variety of strategies, philosophies and approaches. Use this to your advantage, but always reiterate your desire for long-term employment.


Find the Right Role for You

Most people job hop because they have not found the right role at the right organization. The good news is, you clearly know what you want and what you don’t want, but you’ve been unable to find that “secret sauce” on your own.


If you want to find the right match, you need someone on your side – a professional who can help you drill down your needs, wants and goals and match them to the perfect position. A niche recruiter is your ticket to the right role. Together you can develop a plan for your job search that involves matching you with an organization where you will truly fit in and make a difference, where your salary and benefits align with your needs, and where you can utilize the skills you’ve gained at previous positions.


If you are a talented professional who is ready to find the perfect position that offers staying power, don’t tackle your job search alone anymore. End your job-hopping and reach out to the recruiters at Contemporary Staffing Solutions today. We can help you find the opportunity of a lifetime.