How to Recruit Top Talent from Greater-Sized Companies

recruitingIt has always been difficult for undersized and mid-sized companies to compete against larger corporations for the best and the brightest talent. Many undersized businesses simply don’t have the resources to actively lure and secure top talent.  So how can smaller companies overcome these obstacles and recruit top talent from large companies?


Understand What Top-Tier Talent Is Looking For

It can be difficult to generalize when it comes to the needs and priorities of candidates, because every person is unique. For one candidate, the motivator might be money. For another, it could be benefits. Some people want better work-life balance. Others may simply be looking for an employer that values their contributions.  If you want to lure a talented candidate away from an immense firm, you’ve got to be able to drill down their priorities, and know whether or not you can deliver.


Showcase The Benefits Of Working For An Undersized Company

Small and mid-sized companies have a lot to offer in terms of company culture and intangible perks. You might not have a full-service cafeteria, or a free transportation service, but undersized companies still have benefits.  Show talented individuals the benefits of being a big fish in a tiny pond. They may get to wear more hats or take on more responsibility. In a small company they can be more autonomous – they don’t need the approval of 37 different department heads before making a decision. Perhaps you offer telecommuting twice a week, or you allow paid time off for volunteer work.  Position these benefits well to resonate with someone who may like their job, but might who not like mega-company policies and culture.


Making A True Impact

Employees at greater sized corporations often struggle to understand how their daily work impacts the company or its customers. At under-sized companies, employees see up close how their efforts impact the organization. In today’s environment, people are looking for the chance to make their mark and make a real difference.  The nimble and flexible environment of a smaller organization is attractive to many candidates.


Remain Competitive

You may not be able to offer quite the same salary and benefits as a greater-sized company, but an office ping-pong table won’t be enough to draw talent away from large companies if your compensation packages are not competitive. You must know what the market is paying, and you cannot hope to attract great people if you offer far below that market average.


Developing hiring strategies that recruit top talent away from greater-sized companies can be a challenge. Partnering with a strategic staffing firm is an effective way to connect with the best and the brightest. If your HR team is looking for innovative ways to improve hiring, or if you are on the hunt for HR pros to help take your business to the next level, connect with the recruiting experts at Contemporary Staffing Solutions today.