How to Bounce Back from Job Search Rejection

You polished your resume until it shined. You did hours of advanced preparation, researching the company and practicing your interview techniques. After sitting in the hot seat and getting called back, you find out you didn’t land the job. Rejection is difficult, but you can’t let it keep you from getting back on the proverbial horse. Here are some tips to help you bounce back and move towards the job you were meant to have.


Try Not To Take It Personally

Hiring teams make decisions on a variety of criteria. If you found yourself clicking with the interviewers only to get rejected, it’s likely that they did, indeed, like you as a person, but you didn’t check off all of the boxes on their list. You might have lacked a critical skill or your effervescent personality wouldn’t have meshed well with the quiet, buttoned-up team.  Don’t let rejection make you question who you are as a person, or the value you will eventually bring to the right employer.


Focus On The Negatives Of The Job

Sometimes job seekers get so focused on a position that they miss signs that job really wasn’t the right fit.  If you’ve been turned down, go back over the job posting and some of the things you discussed in the interview, paying close attention to the elements of the culture or the requirements of the job that would have been a drag. Also, consider the experience of the hiring process. Was the hiring manager responsive? Did the interviewers make you wait for them? Were you called back more times than they originally stated because they were disorganized in their scheduling? Those are all red flags, and in the end, you’ll be glad you did not land that position.


Follow Up

If you simply cannot move on without knowing why you were not chosen, you can follow up with key contacts to solicit feedback. Thank them again for the opportunity to interview. Then, ask why they felt you were not the right fit. It is likely you won’t hear back, but some hiring managers are willing to engage candidates in this way.


Learn To Accept Rejection With Grace

No matter how deeply a rejection cuts, never let it show. Always be gracious and graceful, even if all you got was a canned rejection letter in the mail. Take the high road, and send the interviewers one last thank you and wish them well in their future endeavors. Going out on a high note isn’t just about moral ground – the hiring manager may not have found you an ideal fit for her open position, but she may recommend you to another department or a counterpart at another company.


Press On

Rejection is a fact of life when you are actively engaging in a job search. You will not be a match for every employer and conversely, every employer will not be a match for you. You can lick your wounds for a little while, but pick yourself up and press forward, working to secure more interviews. The right job is out there, but you will not find it if you let a “no” here or there stop you.

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