How to Keep Your Marketing Team Focused Without Micromanaging

Marketing professionals can be tough to keep on track. They are both creative and data driven, so finding that balance that keeps them motivated while minimizing their stress can be a difficult balancing act. While these tactics haven’t been A/B tested, their effectiveness is highly likely.


Add a few of these ideas to your management practice to keep your marketers happy and productive.


Give them Structure

Marketers are metrics-driven. Give them specific measurable goals to reach and show them results that come with achieving them. Without data, marketers are less likely to buy in. Without deadlines tasks will always fall to the bottom of the to-do list.


Conduct Weekly Meetings

Micromanaging may not be ideal, but failing to manage is no better. Regular status meetings maintain accountability without needing to question each individual’s every move. If a project isn’t moving forward in a timely manner, don’t hesitate to step in to keep the team on task.


Set Interim Deadlines

To keep projects on track, it’s not always wise to set one big long-term goal without regular check-ins. Break the project up into mini-projects if possible. If there are specific deliverables at each stage, it will further induce your team to stay on track.


Give them Autonomy

Focus on outcomes, not methodologies. Give your marketing team the target, but let them find their own way. They will be more engaged reaching goals by using their own strategies and working style than one that is imposed on them.


Share the Big Picture

Creative people do better when they know why they are doing what they’re doing. Share company goals and show how their work contributes to achieving them. You’ll get better results from marketing professionals who feel like part of the team.


Keep it Fun

Marketing can be a tough gig. Organizations expect a lot from them, but often question their value when there is no straight line between their efforts and bottom line results. Encourage team cohesiveness with team builders or incentives that will show them that they are appreciated.


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