How to Adapt Your Selling Style To Any Type of Customer

Good salespeople rely on their personalities to help them build rapport and close deals with customers. However, great salespeople know that they must alter their approach ever-so-slightly based on the personality, communication preferences, behavior, and decision-making approach of the individual buyer.  If you want your team to close more deals this year, you must learn the four customer social styles and the methods by which your reps can adapt their approach accordingly.


The Analytical Customer

Analytical people are very rational, measured and serious. They are swayed by facts and figures rather than emotion or feeling. They are adept at problem solving and tend to prefer rigid timetables. They are often reserved and introverted.
To connect with an analytical person, reps should always respect that customer’s principles.  They should present information in a logical manner, focusing on data and facts. Demonstrate results clearly, and focus on warranties or guarantees to help ease fear about potential risk.  When dealing with an analytical person, avoid anecdotes and anything that focuses on the emotions of the buying process.


The Driving Customer

Drivers make decisions rather quickly because they have a need to achieve. They can be assertive, stubborn, impatient and even a bit controlling. Reps may struggle to keep the “upper hand” in a relationship with a driver. These people are not emotional, they don’t connect with others easily and tend to view every interaction as a means to achieve an end goal.


Successful sales relationships with drivers are built on making that customer feel as though he or she is in control. Don’t waste time on small talk. Instead, identify their objectives and do whatever it takes to help them achieve that goal.  Use facts and data, focus on results, and give the customer options so that they feel like they are in control.


The Amiable Customer

These people are agreeable, friendly, supportive, and responsive. They are kind-hearted team players who focus on long-term problem solving and who value relationships. They engage most with people they trust.


These customers want to build relationships.  They will ask about family, interests, personal goals, etc. Reps with an amiable prospect should feel free to use personal anecdotes and emotion to drive the buying decision however, they must back up everything with data and they must never make an amiable person feel they are being taken advantage of.


The Expressive Customer

Expressives are intuitive, charismatic, creative and engaging. They have great people skills, they are persuasive and talkative and build relationships to gain the status and power that they value.


When working with an expressive, reps must present facts and data, but must also be willing to share personal information and show their personality. They can appeal to expressives by asking them how they feel about the product or service and focus on how the product will help them achieve their goals.


Adaptive selling can have a positive impact on the relationships your reps build with their customers. If you are looking for ways to attract top salespeople to your team, the expert recruiters at CSS can help. Contact us today to learn more about the ways in which we can help grow, build and expand your team – and your bottom line.