Four Ways the Cloud is Changing HR

Human resources departments across the country are experiencing a major shift.

“There is a new urgency to introduce cloud-based technology which can help HR teams automate processes and improve efficiencies. There are real benefits to adopting cloud technology in the human resources realm, and technology is poised to change the way we think about HR.” Says Sharon Tsao, CMO at CSS.

Technology Puts the “Human” Back Into HR

New hire paperwork is a drain on time. It can take hours to get an employee signed off on everything they need to begin work, and the process is complicated when new hires do not have the proper documentation to their first day. The cloud allows HR teams to securely send new hires all of the paperwork as soon as they accept a job, so they arrive on day one ready to hit the ground running.

Not only does this save time and resources in the HR department itself, it also allows new hires to jump into orientation and onboarding at the start of their first shift.  Cloud-based software also simplifies time tracking, payroll, benefits, and time off; and automates HR processes like employee surveys. By strategically adopting technology, HR teams have more time to focus on people, rather than paper.

Instant Access to Critical HR Data

In the “old days,” HR teams have been responsible for gathering data on paper– a challenge that increases in complexity the larger the organization – but someone else was responsible for keying in the data. Once the data was entered into the system, generating reports was often a matter of putting in formal requests with IT or other “spreadsheet experts,” and it could take weeks, or even months to receive critical reports.

Through the cloud, HR can own the process end-to-end.  Because paperwork can be filed electronically, data can be pulled directly from the documents, making it instantly available on easy-to-navigate dashboards. Compensation data, performance data, demographics, etc., is at an HR leaders’ fingertips, empowering them to know and understand the information behind the workforce in real time. They can prepare their own reports and use real-time, hard numbers to support their requests for more resources and to track the success of HR initiatives.

Earning HR a Seat at the Strategy Table

Organizations use analytics to help them drive business decisions and to justify resource allocation. Human resources leaders have historically been at a disadvantage since they lacked the same ability to quantify their success and their future needs as CIOs, CFOs and COOs. Thanks to cloud-based technology, HR teams are now armed with “people analytics.”

If, for example, a retail location is under-performing, the usual approach is to look at overhead, traffic, inventory, etc. While factors like compensation, turnover and employee engagement contribute to the success of a store, it has been difficult to quantify those contributions. With accurate data points to compare, those factors are now considered in efforts to combat sliding sales and create strategic future plans.

It’s A Small World, After All

Wireless and mobile connectivity have made the world a much smaller place. Businesses of all sizes boast diverse and geographically dispersed workforces, and people from different organizations come together over the cloud to work on projects and support customers.  While technology and the cloud bring workforces together like never before, it also creates distances between colleagues.

Human Resources can put a face on these otherwise faceless interactions, acting as the “bridge” that keeps individuals connected not just to their team, but to the company as a whole, promoting high engagement no matter the physical distance. With the right technology in place, companies can create effective and efficient virtual workforces, and attract the best and brightest from across the country, or even around the world.

Is Your HR Team Ready For The Cloud?

Navigating the technology-driven future of human resources requires the right people to drive change and make the most of tech investments.  Reach out to the HR recruiting experts at Contemporary Staffing Solutions to discuss your goals and we will help you develop a strategy to get you there. To learn more, contact CSS today.

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