How IT Recruiters are Evolving to Keep Up With the Ever-Changing Market

IT Recruiters are Evolving


Any IT manager that has been in the game for more than a decade can attest to the seismic shift in the job market over the past several years. Given the fast pace of change and the ever-increasing demand for highly skilled talent, recruiters and hiring managers have had to evolve or get left behind.  Here is how IT recruiters have been adjusting their approach, per the 2016 Recruiter Nation Report.


Incentives Are Changing


It wasn’t that long ago that IT professionals were willing to trade salary for the chance to work at a company where they could wear jeans, play ping-pong, or drink from the company kegerator at 5:00. Things are different today, and recruiters are changing the incentives they use to attract talent.  According to the survey:

  • 68% of recruiters are raising salary offers
  • 64% are using monetary bonuses
  • 44% use flexible work schedules

IT professionals know that they are in demand and salaries are rising in order to attract the best and the brightest. They also want to achieve a healthy work-life balance and are demanding more flexibility so that they can better manage their professional and personal lives.


Candidates Are More Than Just Their Experience


Since the IT job market has become intensely competitive, recruiters are changing the way they evaluate candidates throughout the hiring process. Skills and experience are important, to be sure, but recruiters are looking at a more complete candidate picture to determine long-term fit.  The survey indicates that recruiters are most influenced by these factors when making a hiring decision:

  • Genuine enthusiasm
  • Command of requirements
  • Communication skills
  • Experience
  • Cultural fit

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same


While many recruiters are making changes in the way they evaluate candidates, a lot of “traditional” factors remain the same and aren’t likely to change any time soon.  No matter how recruiting tactics may shift, appearance and first impressions still carry a lot of weight:

  • 62% of recruiters say attire can be a turn off if it’s too casual
  • 56% have a negative impression of someone with body odor
  • 35% say too much cologne or perfume can negatively influence opinion
  • 34% say bad breath can be a deal breaker

The biggest turn off for recruiters today? Typographical errors. 72% of recruiters said that mistakes on a resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile are a fast ticket to the rejection pile.


We Are Living In A Job Seeker’s Market


In the tech sector, talent is still running the table, which means no matter how successful a recruiter has been in the past, evolution is necessary to connect with the best and brightest talent.  That means focusing on cultural fit, creating a positive candidate experience and paying competitive (and ever-increasing) salaries.


If your organization is looking to improve its IT hiring processes, the experts at CSS are here for you. Our recruiters have a proven track record of success, and we are constantly evolving to keep up with changes in the job market.  Making strong and lasting matches is our priority. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your tech recruiting goals.