How Improving Your Public Speaking Skills Will Make You a Better Interviewee

Not everyone has regular occasions to speak before an audience, but most will take part in many job interviews over the course of their career. Many of the elements that go into making a great public speaker are the same ones that can help you succeed in an interview. Taking the time to increase your proficiency in public speaking may be just what you need to win your next job.


Here are some of the qualities public speaking and job interviews have in common.


Preparation and Practice

Whether you are looking for a job or speaking to a group, preparation is essential. Research your topic or your target company. Take the time to become an expert. Practice what you have to say, preferably aloud. Repeat until you can speak clearly and with confidence.


Tell a Story

A memorable speech has a beginning, middle, end and a coherent message. Most people don’t see their careers in this light, but doing so will make you a stronger interviewee. Know your story from the beginning of your career to your most recent position and your desired end. Give plenty of real-life examples. Find the common thread that makes your career a story and demonstrates that the position you are interviewing for is the inevitable next step.


Take Your Time and Relax

Don’t rush when you speak in public or in the interview room. It’s a physical manifestation of nervousness and makes everyone uncomfortable. Practice your story. Employ relaxation techniques such as meditation or visualization. If you catch yourself speaking too quickly, make a conscious effort to slow down and breathe.


Reach a Conclusion

At the end of a presentation, a speaker is expected to reach some sort of conclusion; to reiterate the point that the speech was intended to make. Wrap it up your interview by asking for the job. Don’t leave your audience hanging; tell the interviewer what you want.


Take any opportunity you can to improve your public speaking skills, whether it means volunteering when opportunities arise, taking classes or joining a speaking organization. Any of these tactics will help to improve your interview skills and advance your career.


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