How Can MSP Pros Streamline Your Business with contingent workers?

Contingent workers are the non-permanent employees that work for your organization. They can be freelancers, contractors, consultants, and temporary employees. In the past, contingent labor was the most popular during economic downturns or to manage seasonal summer and holiday demand. Now, according to data from SAP, nearly 84% of executives in today’s market say they regularly rely on contingent labor.

Contingent labor is used today to help your permanent workforce remain focused on its core competencies while continent workers work on projects or help manage overflow. Contingent workers are downsized or ramped up based on changing conditions, while your permanent workforce remains protected against fluctuating circumstances.

“CSS vSource is an experienced managed service provider that can provide tremendous insight into your workforce and assist  you with compliance, risk mitigation, and big data analysis around your hiring managers and the suppliers providing them talent.” Says Andrea Micucio, Program Manager, CSS vSource.

Realizing The Benefits of Contingent Labor

When utilized properly, contingent labor leads to:

  • Cost savings
  • Improved efficiency
  • Administrative time and resource savings
  • Flexibility

However, those benefits can only be realized if the organization is able to source contingent talent quickly, hire candidates that are well-suited for the work, onboard them quickly, and manage them effectively. This can be a challenge for many internal HR employees and team leaders and managers who are already stretched thin.

It is time-consuming to manage contingent labor processes internally, so many companies outsource to several staffing vendors, each with its own specialty. This seems logical, but can actually be just as costly and time-consuming as managing the process internally. Cost management, standardized pay rates, contract consistency, and compliance all need to be properly managed when hiring contingent labor. The most effective way to realize the actual business benefits of contingent labor is to hire a managed service provider (MSP) to oversee the process end to end.

Why Choose An MSP?

MSPs, when properly leveraged, are strategic partners that liaise between you and your staffing vendors. They manage the entire process from end to end, overseeing the hiring of contingent labor, proper classification, payroll administration, and more. Not only do they take the administrative burden off your team, they also manage costs closely, ensuring that vendors are providing real value for the money. Their vast networks ensure that vendors are providing talent quickly, making effective matches, and paying a rate that allows you to remain competitive while protecting your bottom line.

An MSP also provides you with a single point of contact. When you need orders filled, when you need questions answered or you need to plan ahead for an upswing or downswing in workload, it saves the hassle of calling all vendors to try and coordinate staffing. That point of contact will remain in touch with you regularly, so you can track effectiveness and cost savings in real time.

If you are ready to begin reaping the business benefits of working with an experienced MSP, the team at CSS vSource is here to help. CSS vSource is an independent company of Contemporary Staffing Solutions offering vendor-neutral and priority customized solutions. Call us today at 610-832-2500 to learn more about our managed services or to set up a free consultation to determine how CSS vSource can start streamlining your contingent labor processes today.

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