How are the Most Successful Tech Companies Keeping Their Employees Happy?

Some employers believe that salary and a decent work environment are enough to keep their tech employees happy. However, money isn’t everything these days. Tech professionals are some of the hardest working members of your staff. Professionals understand the nature of the work, but given the amount of time they spend on the job, they expect a little more from their employers. Happy employees are more productive, more engaged and are less likely to seek out greener pastures. So, how do successful companies keep their tech employees happy?

A Little Flexibility Goes A Long Way

Because tech employees work such long hours, their time off is important to them. Top talent won’t settle for two weeks of vacation, five sick days a year and a strict schedule. Flexible scheduling and telecommuting options aren’t just about unwinding, either. Parents and caretakers will appreciate the ability to work from home without retaliation if there is a minor emergency at home.

Companies like Netflix offer unlimited vacation time and Pinterest offers both unlimited vacation and an “honor code” policy for sick days. If you think that unlimited time off means people will take advantage of your generosity, guess again. Studies show that people actually take less time off when you put them in charge of their hours.

The Comfort Factor

Most American offices are sterile places. People work in lines of cubicles under fluorescent lighting and get little fresh air.  Many companies are using ergonomics, home-like décor and outdoor space to keep their employees comfortable throughout the day. People spend more hours in the office than they do at home, so it helps their mood to be in more relaxed and comfortable environment.

If you can’t overhaul your décor, consider allowing your team to request stand up desks, treadmill desks, and invest in a few comfy chairs to place around the office. If you do have some extra money in the budget, consider adding space to let your team decompress. Dropbox built a music studio for its employees and YouTube has an indoor putting green for employees to decompress and work on their short game.

Invest In Wellness

Benefits packages are more important than ever before, thanks to the skyrocketing costs of healthcare. One way employers are helping to control costs for both the company and employees is a focus on wellness. Wellness can promote good physical and mental health, prevent illness, cut healthcare costs and reduce sick time.

Salesforce provides its staff with a $100 monthly stipend for people who take yoga classes or enroll in nutrition counseling. Clif Bar & Company provides employees with 2 1/2 hours of paid workout time each week. Many companies offer reimbursement or reduced healthcare premiums for people with active gym memberships or who attend regular fitness classes, as well. Investing in wellness can reduce premiums and costs associated with employer-sponsored plans.

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