Hiring Managers: It’s Time to Give Job Hoppers a Second Look

When the resume of a job-hopper lands on your desk, do you instinctively disregard it? According to CareerBuilder, 43 percent of employers say they would not consider a job hopper for an open position.  In today’s market, writing off a job hopper could actually be a huge mistake. Dismissing someone with the right skills and qualifications before you hear their story could cause you to miss an exceptional hire.


Instead of assuming job hoppers are disloyal, impatient, expensive and selfish, consider the fact that some people change jobs frequently because they are extremely talented and find new chances to grow their career. Here are a few good reasons why you should give a job hopper a chance to tell you his or her side of the story.


Lots Of Job Hoppers Are Top Performers

Strong performers move up the ladder and average performers stay stagnant. Study the resume closely. If each new position is a step upward, consider the fact that this person has the imitative to find new opportunities and they are ambitious.  Candidates that clearly have taken steps to advance may be quite desirable since other companies have seen the value they possess.


They Have Accumulated Valuable Knowledge

According to CareerBuilder, 53 percent of employers believe job hoppers have a wide range of expertise and there is an advantage in tapping into their accumulated knowledge, best practices, contacts and exposure to other firms. They also bring to the table a breadth of knowledge that your existing employees at the same level have yet to achieve.


Job Hoppers Are Adaptable

Job hoppers must be adaptable. Moving from company to company requires the ability to dive in and adjust to new situations, new people, new environments and new processes. Many of these people have achieved success because they are able to hit the ground running and pivot when necessary.


Stop Thinking Like HR

Think of your favorite professional sports teams. Every year, it is likely they bring in a few players they only intend on keeping for a season or two to help them achieve a short-term goal. Wouldn’t you rather have a top performer for two years than a mediocre performer for 5? A superstar may not stay with you for the long haul, but you have a unique opportunity to tap into their skills while they are with you to help you achieve significant gains.


They Haven’t Found The Right Match

The fact is, most people in the early stages of their careers do job hop. Young talent seeks out opportunities to contribute, and they are looking for an organization that is willing to invest in their long-term growth. Read between the lines and you’ll discover that these people just haven’t found a company that aligns with their goals. Your organization may just be the right match but you will never know if you write off a job hopper before you ever have a chance to learn their motivations and ambitions.


If you want to hire great people, you must adjust your thinking and approach. Don’t write off a job hopper before you learn the whole story.  If you are looking for new ways to improve your recruiting processes, or if you are looking for HR professionals who will help propel your business forward, contact the experts at Contemporary Staffing Solutions today.