Happy Throwback Thursday! CSS asks: What was your first job?!

Contemporary Staffing celebrates Throwback Thursdays!

Each week, we will feature a first job of one of our employees, clients, or contractors. They will share what they learned from their first job, and how they feel as though it’s applicable to their job today.

Kim W., Regional Relationship Manager at Contemporary Staffing Solutions, shares her first job:

Funeral Assistant

“[Working at a Funeral Home as a Funeral Assistant] was a great experience that helped me with being able to keep my composure – you couldn’t show any emotions around the families … Today that trait assists me tremendously when working with candidates and clients because it takes a lot to get me upset!”

“I also learned I like working with people who talk a lot as opposed to not talking at all!”

Contemporary Staffing wants to know: What was your first job?! What did you learn? Reply below or email marketing@contemporarystaffing.com!

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