Growth Is A Team Sport: Put Salesforce Wave Analytics On Your Roster

There is not one industry that hasn’t felt the transformative impact of big data over the last decade. The ability to leverage information from multiple sources has helped improve everything from supply chain management to marketing optimization to doctor-patient care. Furthermore, analytics have become more accessible and democratized, thanks to advancements in technology and the cloud. Salesforce, a consistent market leader in the democratization of big data, developed the Wave Platform for their Analytics Cloud to empower employees to make data-driven decisions and uncover insights without having to be data scientists themselves.

Accelerating Growth Through Community Knowledge Sharing

Sales teams have been using data insights to drive revenue, and sales was the first major business division in all industries to realize the business benefits of data-driven decisions. Recognizing that “sales” actually extends far beyond an organization’s team of sales professionals, Salesforce created Wave Analytics to, “supercharge sales across their ecosystem…allowing companies to embed any Wave Analytics dashboard into their Partner Communities to accelerate growth.”

The act of “selling” isn’t just about the interactions a salesperson has with prospects and clients. Sales is a broad ecosystem that relies on partners like resellers, distributors, agents, brokers and more. Wave’s Community Analytics Cloud allows companies to manage relationships with these strategic partners while promoting communication and collaboration, planning and the sharing of information across channels. According to recent results, Community Cloud customers have reported an 86% increase in both upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Delivering Insights In A Secure, Self-Service Environment

Wave Analytics dashboards can be embedded into any Salesforce Partner Community, providing each channel partner with the data they need to uncover insights and new opportunities. This eliminates the need to reconcile spreadsheets or searching for data across platforms and databases to try and find relevant information. By optimizing the process and allowing partners to access multiple data silos from one dashboard, teams find themselves able to access personalized insights with a few clicks of a mouse.

Now, channel partners can better understand their own business through interactive performance summaries and historical trends. Through self-service data exploration, partners can identify white space to give them a leg up on competition. And because Wave Analytics is a platform, dashboards can be populated with data from any source, and security permissions can be personalized to control visibility of data with specific partners. Organizations can control the type of data their partners can access to ensure knowledge sharing while protecting sensitive information. Salesforce offers comprehensive controls and security features to keep data secure and anonymous when necessary.

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