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Liz Savage
Resource Coordinator – Media, PA

Each month at CSS, we have a “Purple Cow Award” that is given to an internal employee. This award, and what is represents, is based on the book “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin. A “Purple Cow” is someone who stands out in a crowd for being remarkable.
An excerpt from the book reads:

Cows, after you’ve seen one or two or ten, are boring. A Purple Cow, though… now that would be something. Godin defines a Purple Cow as anything phenomenal, counterintuitive, exciting… remarkable.

In this CSS blog post each month, you will read about our featured CSS Employee who receives this honor.
This month, the recipient is Liz Savage!
Liz is currently a Resource Coordinator in our Media, PA office. She has worked with our CSS Technical Services Division in that position since November 2010.
Interesting Facts about Liz: Liz is a beach girl and loves to go out on her boat with her family. She is completely addicted to coca cola, and is a junk food addict… You will find her putting hot sauce on everything. She is a proud mom of her handsome son Jack.

A note from our Client/Nominator:  “My experience with CSS-Tec was excellent.  I gave 10’s because frankly you beat every other recruiting agency on so many fronts… you always went the extra mile …You guys made me feel like family… I will tell my colleagues as well, how great you are!”

A note from our CSS President:  “Congratulations to Liz Savage for winning the purple cow award for June 2014! Great job Liz! I love how you made our client feel like family! That is awesome customer service!”

Purple Cow cartoon