Four Ways to Use Employee Feedback to Recruit Great Call Center Talent

Each year, you ask your call center team to complete an employee feedback survey to gauge their level of happiness. Their replies help you know what you’re doing right and underline areas for improvement. More than just a valuable way to find out what your staff is thinking, these results can augment your recruiting efforts. Here are four ways to use employee feedback to recruit top call center talent.

“CSS works with many call centers!  We encourage the hiring managers to profile the goals of each employee when they are on the phones; the ways in which they will be held accountable to reach those goals; the rewards they may receive to go above and beyond those goals; and finally, the quality assurance process that surrounds the accountability of the team to work together.  The tips below are game changers for well-run call center!” says Evan Violette, National Sales Manager, Contemporary Staffing.

1.     Highlight Outstanding Management Team

A great manager can turn a call center job into a rewarding experience, but a bad one can make it a nightmare. If your employees regard their managers as kind, fair, and engaging, share this with prospective new hires. Include positive statistics, comments, and stories on recruiting materials, so job seekers can see they will be working for managers who truly care about them.

2.     Showcase Supportive Work Environment

Just as important as the job itself, people want to work in an environment where they feel comfortable and encouraged. Nothing speaks louder to this than the words of current call center workers, so share employee satisfaction statistics and testimonials on your HR materials. People will be excited to submit their application when they know your company is a positive place to work.

3.     Make It Clear Employee Satisfaction Matters

Working for a company who views you as a person, rather than a number, means a lot to top call center talent. Show job seekers how much you value your employees by highlighting changes you’ve made from their feedback. For example, if you put healthier snacks in the vending machines because people asked for it, share this information on your recruiting materials.

4.     Emphasize Sense of Community

Applying for a new call center job can be terrifying, because people are unsure of the situation they would be walking into. In most cases, new hires don’t learn about their colleagues until they’re already hired, making it difficult to back out if they don’t fit in. Including statistics about employee relationships, fun anecdotes about team-building activities, and even photos of happy co-workers can ease a job seeker’s mind and encourage them to apply.

If you are looking for talented staff for your customer call center, the expert recruiters at Contemporary Staffing Solutions are ready to help. We specialize in connecting call centers with fully-vetted, highly-skilled and motivated talent. Contact CSS today to start filling your customer service center with the best and brightest talent in the market.