Four Traits to Look for in IT Candidates

If you don’t have an information technology background, it can be intimidating to hire IT candidates. If you aren’t familiar with the specifics of the skills required for the job, making a hiring decision can be overwhelming. So here are four traits that make for great IT employees that any hiring manager can spot regardless of their technical skills:

1. A background in math and science.
Although there are always exceptions, in general you want an IT candidate with a degree in math or science. Why? Because so many of the tasks that most IT jobs are responsible for require analytical skills. This doesn’t mean that all English majors can’t code–they’re working with language in both cases after all–but in general, you want someone with a demonstrated grasp of a technical field.

2. An ability to communicate.
IT workers rarely do their jobs in a vacuum. Often they need to speak with users to determine their needs and then with other information technology workers to figure out how best to address them. If they’re helping a user troubleshoot, they need to be able to explain a great deal of technical knowledge simply and clearly. Good communications skills are essential to navigate these situations.

3. A desire to keep learning.
Information technology is one of the fastest-moving fields. There will always be new developments, new programing languages, and new best practices. You need to hire someone who is not only willing to keep up with all of that, but who loves to do so.

4. A likable personality.
The first three traits are specific when you’re hiring an IT employee, but remember that they’ll be in your workplace with everyone else. Don’t forget to look for basic things like a professional demeanor, leadership skills, friendliness, punctuality, or anything else you feel is essential to your workplace running smoothly.

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