Four Myths About IT Recruiting Every Employer Should Know

At times, information technology hiring can seem mystifying, particularly if you don’t have working knowledge of the field. If you’re looking for IT talent, here are some common myths to be aware of, and what you need to do to work around them:

You only need to recruit when you have job openings.

Most managers don’t start looking for employees until they need to hire one, but this is a huge mistake. Why? Because the hiring process takes time. If you have to start a talent search from scratch every time a job opens up, your position will be unfilled for too long. Partnering with a specialized staffing firm is one of the best ways to have constant access to job hunters.

Talent will come to you.

Don’t just post a position to a job board and expect the right talent to find you. Be proactive. Market your company. Find the story in your workplace that makes it attractive to potential employees. Consider reaching out to groups that are underrepresented in the technology field. Make prospective talent feel like they are individuals to you, rather than faceless applicants.

The perfect candidate doesn’t need any training.

Setting the years-of-experience bar too high can limit your selection and make you miss out on great talent. If you have a good feeling about an applicant, it’s perfectly acceptable to hire them if they have 80 percent of the skill set you need. Training an applicant will not only ensure your employee has the exact skill set you need, but you’ll also develop loyalty.

It’s ok to have an extended hiring process.

By employing efficient hiring techniques, you can find the talent you need faster. Communication is the key to a smooth, efficient hiring process. Be realistic about your needs and explain the timeline of your hiring process to each candidate you invite for an interview. When a candidate feels right for the position, hire them as soon as possible. Make sure to follow up with all your applicants so they can move on with their job searches.

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