Five Tips for Building a Strong Relationship with Your RPO Provider

Hopefully, you’ve found an RPO provider with industry-specific experience and a proven track record for success. But partnering with an RPO doesn’t mean just handing over the reins. If you want a successful RPO relationship, you need to establish an effective client-provider partnership. Instead of treating it as a transactional relationship, you’ll receive more value if you work closely with your provider and build a relationship by:

  • Establishing a core team headed by a strong project manager. The project manager needs to keep things moving and keep lines of communication open between the recruiting team, the hiring managers and organizational leadership. Your RPO partner’s performance can be only as good as the team it works with.
  • Collaborating on a change management plan. Effective communication at every level, including the highest level of the organization, plus transparency of plans, help create successful change. Keep stakeholders in the loop regarding critical issues and decisions.
  • Creating and monitoring project timelines. Be sure you are allocating the right number of resources at the right time, and make sure both sides have a clear understanding of  deliverables and milestones
  • Scheduling regular face-to-face meetings, and integrate your RPO partner into the culture of your organization. Be sure that your RPO partner has met everyone at your organization who is involved in the process and gets a strong sense of your people and your values.
  • Having realistic expectations. You’ll face obstacles, peaks and valleys as you work to implement your RPO’s services and create this partnership. It’s all part of the process.

At CSSvSource, we pride ourselves on being more than just a vendor. We want to be your strategic partner! Our years of success prove that we can craft a customized program that will work for your organization, whether its full-cycle recruitment or just one part of the recruiting process, and work with you to bring that program to successful fruition. Call or contact us any time you want to learn more about the value our RPO services can provide you.